Salon Advantage Smart Salon Management System

Salon Advantage Smart Salon Management System

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Booking SystemDiary

So much more than a salon booking system

Booking SystemReports

Knowledge is power

Stock Control

Our salon business software typically saves our clients 25% on stock purchases

Booking SystemSet Smart Targets

Salon business software that recognises true performance

Smart Marketing

Smart Marketing with Smart Salon Software


Salon Advantage Security

Booking SystemTraining & Support

Free customisation and training

Booking SystemBooking System

Integrate into your own wesite

Booking SystemSalon App

Grow your Salon using the Salon Advantage App

Smart Marketing

Real customers, real time, real SMS success

Salon Advantage, the smartest hair and beauty salon software, gives you the tools to make your business special. And there are plenty of reasons why Salon Advantage is the number 1 provider of salon management software to independent salons in the UK.

All really great hair and beauty salons have a number of things in common – talented team members, technical expertise, outstanding service and great customer relationships, all supported by the best salon equipment.

With Salon Advantage your salon appointment software is intuitive and simple for your team to use. The comprehensive database logs all the information you enter, ensuring your appointment diary is efficient, whilst also evaluating the data to provide useful reports to shape your salon marketing ideas.

Our clients say that using Salon Advantage’s marketing suite gives ‘amazing and instant’ results. Every day your team fills the salon computer system with detailed knowledge which can instantly inform more than twenty-five marketing campaigns to be targeted and sent by text message (SMS) to your customers. This gives you hair salon marketing tools that are unmatched by any other salon software provider.

Over 100 reports are pre-programmed to give you an incredibly useful picture of all business areas. For example, you can discover which team member entices the most repeat clients, and find out what your projected income is with future bookings. Having this level of detail available when you want it will help you streamline, organise, train and manage every element of your salon

To support stock control this premier salon software can help you eliminate issues of over or under stocking. It even calculates your ideal stock levels based on your salon’s activity history or average sales.

The best hair salons put their clients first, and so do we. Salon Advantage is a highly capable system and we want to make sure you get the most out of it. You will have support from our skilled team members to train you on the software and how it can help you increase client loyalty, improve sales, support your team and raise your profile.

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