Salon Advantage Smart Salon Management System

Salon Advantage Smart Salon Management System


About Our Salon Software

Thanks for considering Salon Advantage. We offer a digital salon management software system we are confident will dramatically improve your salon business. Used to its potential Salon Advantage increases revenue, organises your salon and is a platform for growth and success. There are countless success stories of businesses using our salon software, but we’ve included one of the best here.

Our salon software platform is stable, secure, supported by dedicated experts and offers market leading functionality, superb at driving more clients to your salon. We look forward to showing you in person, you really should see it in action. Book your demonstration here.

What makes us special?

Salon management software systems are much like one another. But Salon Advantage is superior in these key ways.

1. Smart Marketing Salon Booking Tools

Our suite of automated SMS (text) reminders, promotions and incentives is streets ahead.

2. Simplicity

Apple’s Steve Jobbs famously said, ‘Keep it simple, stupid.’ And we agree. Salon Advantage’s salon software is very easy to use but behind it lies powerful technology.

3. Reports

Knowledge is power; if it’s used. We give you the knowledge; with more than 100 performance reports, and the power, with unrivalled salon digital marketing and monitoring tools.

4. Support & training

We’re fanatical about helping our customers make the most out of Salon Advantage‘s salon management software. We won’t rest until you’re an expert.

Our commitment

For just £39.95 per month (plus vat) we’ll work tirelessly to make you busy, keep you busy and ensure each client and team member’s potential is maximised through your use of our salon system. Your success is our primary goal and we will relentlessly pursue it.

To our clients we aim to be seen as ‘the remote team member’; on call to ensure you get the most from Salon Advantage and your business, team and marketing.

Support and training will always be our gold standard service.

Our Inventor

I first opened a salon in 1992 in Brighton. I’d worked my way through the ranks and eventually decided to go it alone. Ten years later I’d had a measure of success, but I knew I was being held back.
It was then I decided to build Salon Advantage.

My advantage - Salon Advantage’s advantage if you like - is that I’ve been there. By and large there isn’t a situation, pressure or challenge I’ve not wrestled with myself. I knew then, and know now, that the majority of salons operate 4-7 staff and the boss - you - tends to be the main income generator. Because of this, time to motivate others, maintain stock, market to clients and manage the team is hard to find.

“Wish I had another me!” many are left feeling. So, I committed to inventing a salon management software system which was the easiest to operate; the fastest, most reliable and, above all, the most time saving and best at money-making. This is a salon software system developed by a hairstylist for hairstylists and beauty technicians.

What I really love about Salon Advantage is how the salon management software betters a salon’s relationship with its customers. Sure, there are bells and whistles these days, but it all comes back to that really. When I set out to build this salon management software I was inspired by the power and possibility of technology and, by contrast, the exceptionally poor level of service I was receiving with a salon management system I’d bought.

I remember thinking: “Salon software systems are essential for efficiency, but why are they such a headache to use?”

If it were up to me - I would tell myself - I would make this salon software system more stable and intuitive, but above all I would support my customers properly and help salon-client relationships really grow. This was sorely missing.

These days we continue to improve Salon Advantage. But whatever we do is still based on the founding principles: Helping you to serve your customers better and helping you to build relationships and retain them. Salon Advantage automates the data collection and administration tasks which underpin your salon and makes this customer-relationship management possible – everyday.