Salon Advantage Smart Salon Management System

Salon Advantage Smart Salon Management System

Case Study

Johnston Brady
Salon Advantage is amazing salon management software. It has paid for itself many, many times over and helped us grow our business and earn more money - it’s as simple as that.

Paul Brady is the epitome of a successful businessman, using his skills to develop three highly successful salons in Cheshire. But Paul say’s that as well as having great team members and happy customers, his success is down to Salon Advantage.

Each salon is run with the Salon Advantage salon management software at its core – but it didn’t used to be this way. When Paul opened his first salon in 2002 he actually opened with another product.

“I made the mistake of opting for a large well known company, believing that they could support and help grow our business through the use of their salon management software. The problem for me was that it soon became clear it was harder to use than traditional paper methods and the support was extremely poor. Inevitably I failed to integrate it in the way I hoped.”

Undeterred Paul went looking for the best salon management system and support package he could find.

“I’ve looked at many of the salon management systems on the market, and done a lot of research. Salon Advantage’s salon management software provides the easiest interface to get to grips with.


The beauty of Salon Advantage is its simplicity. I had booked two days training with the team from Salon Advantage for the salon software. But by the middle of the first day I was using the system by myself and was comfortable enough to cancel the second days training” says Paul.

Five years later Paul opened his second salon, followed a year later in 2010, by another. Each salon is run by a salon manager who has been fully trained in how to use the Salon Advantage salon management and booking software to identify and improve individual stylist performance.

“One of the hardest challenges for any salon manager, especially as they try and grow the salon, is to find, train and retain good team members” says Paul. “It might not be a perceived major reason for using Salon Advantage, like the clever salon marketing tools which drive trade, but it’s very good at helping me look after my team. That is something which can’t be underestimated. I appraise the team regularly and the system gives me the reports on performance which are vital in understanding how each member is doing. As the business has grown this has helped me to make sure my teams are happy, accurately appraised, and motivated to reach attainable targets.”

Paul has a clear message: “For less than £40 a month, my investment has been repaid many, many times over. Salon Advantage has helped me grow the business and earn more money – it’s as simple as that.”