Salon Advantage Smart Salon Management System

Salon Advantage Smart Salon Management System



Knowledge is power

Hi Sally, it was SO nice to meet you.
Thank you so much for choosing our salon,
we really look forward to seeing you again soon.

Knowledge is power: Turbo-charge your business with our salon business software


If you are looking for the best salon software with reports, you’ll be amazed at Salon Advantage. Choose from more than 100 ready-made reports on every aspect of your salon. Streamline, organise, train, market – above all, take complete control. There is no need to rely on hunch or hope – every decision you make will be underpinned by real knowledge.

And knowledge is power. With our salon management software, you can turbo-charge your business simply by finding out the information that every salon owner needs to know to make more money. Salon Advantage has a comprehensive reports system, designed to give you the knowledge to use that information to make make powerful decisions.

Here are just three examples of standard reports. Want to see some more? Book a demo today here.

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  1. Stock what sells

Our salon management software controls your stock and uses what it knows to report ‘ideal stock levels’ based on average sales over recent months. You’ll know what sells, what doesn’t AND what your next order should be, before the rep arrives!

  1. Monitor team member performance

A good team will be working hard for your business, but do you know who’s working hardest? And do you know which areas need improving?

Salon Advantage’s cutting-edge salon computer system will tell you:

  • Turnover
  • Number of clients
  • Product sales
  • Number of treatments
  • Services
  • Advanced bookings 

No more guesswork: Focus attention in your team appraisals where it’s really needed and maximise your revenue.

  1. Monitor client retention

Salon Advantage’s premier salon software tells you the average number of appointments made before clients go elsewhere. This incredibly useful tool can be used salon-wide or by team member. And it doesn’t stop there: Salon Advantage proactively mitigates customer loss through powerful tools that includes an automatic SMS follow-up to all customers.

‘Hi Sally, it was so nice to meet you. Thank you very much for choosing our salon, we really look forward to seeing you again soon.’

This text system has become such a successful feature of our salon software that we decided that users must proactively switch this feature off… and we’re thinking about hiding the button!

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Salon Advantage are a great support for our company; very professional with excellent technical backup. The system works brilliantly.

Steve O’Rourke, SO Hairdressing

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